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Who We Are
by Helen Thompson-Zolber

The mission of the international Association of Adventist Women is to foster the participation of women in varied leadership roles in Seventh-day Adventist organizations, congregations, and communities.



The image of God, as embodied in the skills and insights of women, will be more fully reflected in our churches and communities as we achieve our goals: To encourage Adventist leadership to enhance the church’s effectiveness by creating...



Over its twenty years of existence, AAW has been an advocate for women in the SDA church, strongly recommending changes to various church entities to enable women to use their gifts fully and work with equity within the structure… more>

Yearly Activities


An annual conference which offers numerous seminars providing educational and spiritual growth opportunities for women as well as networking and mutual encouragement. A business meeting at the conference during which resolutions are determined and voted in accordance with the mission… more>



In addition to numerous recommendations and the monitoring of those, AAW publishes commendations of entities that place women in leadership roles (e.g., the GC for establishing women’s ministries throughout the world field and having a full-time woman in charge, the… more>

You are Invited to Participate


AAW invites SDA women from around the world to join the organization as it continues to encourage the church to acknowledge and use the many talents God has given to SDA women to help spread the good news of His...  more>

Recommendations and Commendations


Annual Business Meeting November 6, 2009 The Association of Adventist Women submits the following recommendations to: To the Seventh-day Adventist Church, that it ensure respect among all members by implementing and enforcing appropriate sexual harassment polices in all Conference, educational... 

Toward 2000


September 21-23, 1990 Historical Resolutions from a joint meeting of major Adventist women’s organizations have urgency today, two decades after their creation. A Declaration By Adventist Women In A Joint Meeting of Representatives From Major Adventist Women’s Organizations – Addison...