AAW Presidents

Josephine Griffin Benton
Betty Hogan Howard
June 1982-Nov 1986
Nancy Eastman Marter
Nov 1986-June 1990
Peggy Curtice Harris
June 1990-Oct 1992
Elisabeth Appleton Wear
Oct 1992-Oct 1994
Nancy Eastman Marter
Oct 1994-Dec 1995
Betty Hogan Howard
Jan 1995-Nov 1996
Alyce Thornton Kiesecker Pudewell
Nov 1996-Oct 1999
Georgia Willey Hodgkin
Oct 1999-Jan 2001
Patricia Clark Foster
Jan 2001-Jan 2004
Verla Michel Kwiram
Jan 2004-Oct 2008
Patricia Pearson Johnston
Oct 2008-June 2010
Linda Wright Wysong Becker
June 2010-Oct 2012
Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson
Oct 2012-2019
Whitny Braun
Nerida Taylor Bates
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Nerida Taylor Bates