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About The Adventist Woman

Information about Women in the Adventist church can be surprisingly hard to come by. We are striving to amplify information and stories of Adventist women leading.

News that needs to be read!

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Helen Hopp Marshak posing with her Woman of the Year award

Stories create communities and connection in ways news cannot. Stories about leadership, the difficulties of being a woman pastors and stores about what is going on in Adventism around the world.

Photo of Marianne Dyrud smiling

Need a quick moment to turn your thoughts toward God? Our Prayer Devotionals are just the thing. Included is our series on how other denominations are dealing with women leadership and our upcoming series on art referencing the Last Supper

Ariel Dannielle Last Supper painting women of color collect around a potluck table Used with permission

Ariel Dannielle Last Supper

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