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Annual Conferences History


Harvest! Adventist Women Evangelists 1980-2000

Larysa Baydala, Yaret Castrejon, Jill Phiri/Maury Jackson, Puring Ragui and Adly Campos

Nerida Taylor Bates, Coordinator

La Sierra University Church Vespers, Riverside, CA

Nov 4, 2023


Reducing Authoritarianism in Our Communities

Katrina Blue, Bonnie Dwyer, Elissa Kido

Nerida Taylor Bates, Coordinator

Loma Linda University Church Vespers, Loma Linda, CA

October 8, 2022


What Does God's Justice Look Like?

Olive Hemmings, Xolisa Candy Swartz, Agnes Kola, Grace Oei

Nerida Taylor Bates, Coordinator

Sligo SDA, MD, online from SID and SPD, Loma Linda University Church, CA

October, 2021


Finding Purpose in Uncertain Times

Linda Becker, Sheryll Prinz-McMillan, Sandra Roberts, Joy-Marie Butler, Sherma Charlemagne-Badal, Lori Barker

Nerida Taylor Bates, Coordinator

Loma Linda University Church Vespers, Loma Linda, CA

October and November, 2020


Domestic Abuse: A Workshop on What the Church Can Do

Mabel and Colin Dunbar, Barbara Hernandez, Tamara Schreven

Priscilla Walters, Coordinator

Loma Linda University Centennial Complex, Loma Linda, CA

November, 2019


Bridge to Peace: Ethics, Justice and Women in Ministry

Keynote speakers: Bonnie Dwyer and Darius Jankiewicz

Isabel Leon, Priscilla Walters, Lourdes Morales-Gundmundsson, Co

Loma Linda University Church

April, 2019


Unveiling: Women, Faith and Sexual Abuse

Dr Victoria Jackson, Rabbi Rochelle Robins, Dr. Najeed Syeed

Isabel Leon, Priscilla Walters, Lourdes Morales-Gundmundsson, Co

Riverside Convention Center

October, 2018


Will Women’s Ordination Split the Church?

Moderator: Dr. James Walters

James Walters, Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson, Coordinators

Loma Linda University Church, Loma Linda, CA

October, 2017


Here We Stand: Women and God’s Call
Pastor Rebekah Liu

Isabel Leon, Lourdes Morales Gudmundsson, Coordinator
La Sierra University, Riverside, CA
October, 2016


AAW Reception and Booth
General Conference World Session

Pastor Hao Bin Wu

Lourdes Morales-Gudmunsson, Coordinator

San Antonio, TX
July, 2015


Lifting As We Climb
Dr. Ella Simmons

Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson, Coordinator
Southern Adventist University
October, 2014


Moving Forward in Christ 

Linda Penick Keynote address

Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson, Coordinator
Oakwood University
October//November, 2013


Harmony in Diversity

Keynote speaker: Hyveth Williams

Linda Becker, Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson, Coordinators

Andrews University

October, 2012


Total You – Body, Mind and Spirit

Keynote speaker: Chris Oberg.

La Sierra University

October, 2011


AAW Reception

General Conference World Session

Atlanta, GA

June, 2010


The Dance of the Generations: This Adventist Life
Patricia Johnston and Nancy Lecourt, Co-chairs
Pacific Grove, California
November, 2009


Taking Care of Women and Children

Wanda Grimes Davis, Coordinator

Orlando, Florida

October, 2008


Adventist Women moving Beyond Culture

Twenty-fifth Anniversary Celebration

Verla Kwiram and Carolyn Lacy, Kay Rosburg, Coordinators

Silver Spring, MD

October, 2007


Globalization and the Adventist Woman

Keynote speaker: Dr. Phetsile Kholekile Dlamini-Nkomo

Verla Kwiram and Carolyn Slepnikoff Lacy, Coordinators

Seattle, WA

October, 2006


Love Enables Unity in Diversity: Include Me, Please

Charles Bradford and Heather Isaacs, Speakers

Verla Michel Kwiram, Carolyn Stepinkoff Lacy, Coordinators
St. Louis, MO
June, 2005

The Woman Next to Me: Different Paths, Common Journey
Phyllus Trible and Laura Vance, Speakers

Stella Ramirez Greig, Patricia Stewart Daniel, Coordinators
Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI
October, 2004


Women and Leadership: Change, Choice, Commitment
Kendra Haloviak, Linda Wysong, Rebecca Wang-Chang, Speakers

Pat Foster, Coordinator
Wong-Kerlee International Convention Center, Loma Linda, CA
October, 2003


Weavers of Wisdom: Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives
Joan Coggin, MD, Keynote Speaker

Glenda Jolliffe, Penny Wheeler, Helen Thompson, Coordinators
Portland, OR
October, 2002


Consecrating & Celebrating Women’s Gifts
Rebecca Brillhart, Heather Ripley, Cynthia Ford & Bonnie Dwyer, Coordinators
Baltimore, MD
October, 2001


One Light, Many Reflections: Women Passing the Flame

Ella Simmons, Lisa Beardsley, Ileana Douglas, Speakers

Nancy Lecourt Coordinator

Sacramento, CA

October, 2000


Women of Passion:

Celebrating the Past…Creating the Future

Sherri Craig, Coordinator

Orlando, FL

October, 1999


Women for All Seasons

Alyce Pudewell and Pat Foster, Coordinators

Wong-Kerlee International Convention Center, Loma Linda, CA

October, 1998


Adventist Women’s Heritage; In Step with Pioneer Women

Kit Watts, Tour Coordinator

Alyce Pudewell, Chair

Atlantic Union College, Tewksbury, MA

October, 1997


Women at the Crossroads:

Wisdom and Witness for the 21st Century

Alyce Pudewell, Coordinator

Riverside, CA

October/November, 1996


Celebration of Diversity

Sherri Craig, Coordinator

Southern College, Collegedale, TN

October, 1995


Nurturing and Nourishing the Spirit

Betty Howard, Chair

Arlington, VA

September/October, 1994


Partners in Ministry

Helen Ward Thompson, Coordinator

Seattle, WA

October, 1993


A Celebration for Women of Vision

Nancy Marter, Cindy McMilliian, Chairs

Washington, D.C. 

October, 1992


Women in Ministry

Martha Hoffman, Bernie Beck, Lorna Tobler, Chairs

Santa Clara, CA 

July, 1991


Nurturing in the ’90s

First AAW International Conference

Stella Ramirez Greig and Edith Davis, Co-chairs 

Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI 

June, 1990


Adventist Women and Relationships: Pursuing the Ideal

Ethel Stewart, Sherri Craig, Coordinators

Orlando, FL 

October, 1989


Adventist Women and Health: A Search for Balance

Nancy Marter, Bernie Beck, Bertha Dasher, Chairs

Portland Adventist Hospital, Portland, OR 

September, 1988


Adventist Women and the Caring Church

Pat Habada, Coordinators

Slgo Church, Takoma Park, MD 

October, 1987


Women of Courage

Linda Halstead, Marts Teel, Coordinators

Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA 

November, 1986


Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives

Ottilie Stafford, Sharon Wilson, Coordinators

Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, MA 

October, 1985


Women of Mission

Kit Watts and Iris Yob, Coordinators 

Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI

July, 1984


Focus on the Future

First AAW National Conference,

Elisabeth Wear, Chair

Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, MD 

June, 1983


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