In 2013 the General Conference asked prominent Adventist theologians assess Biblical and historical papers about women serving as pastors. <here>

TOSC in Spanish partial <aqui>

<Position 2 Consecrating Women> favoring Women's ordination <Translations>

North American Division study on women and ordination

AAW opposes male "Headship" as unBiblical

Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Seminary statement on Headship <English>









Current scholarship on women's ordination

With kind permission of Andrews University Press:
Women in Minstry, Ed. Nancy Vyhmeister

Mujer y Ministerio, Ed. Nancy Vyhmeister <Espanol>

Ellen G Whites ministerial credentials

While there is no record of Ellen White having hands laid on her for the purpose of ordination, several certificates list her as an ordained minister in the SDA church.

Some say that this was just a courtesy to allow Ellen White to get discounts reserved for clergy. While we believe the church was not flippant with its documentation, it's worth noting that current Adventist women chaplains are not afforded the same courtesy. They have added difficulties getting jobs outside the Adventist system because chaplaincy jobs require ordination.