Women of the Year

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Woman-of-the-Year and Champions of Justice Awards


1984        Anita Johnson Mackey                                             Work Life

                 Lenora Ford McDowall                                             Home and Community Life

                 Mary E. Walsh                                                         Church Life


1985        Eleanor Brady Hetke                                               Home and Community Life

                 Rosa Lee Jones                                                       Church Life

                 Kathleen Keen Zolber                                              Work and Professional Life


1986        Rosa Taylor Banks                                                  Work and Professional Life

                 Del Delker                                                               Church Life

                 Irene Felice Osborne                                                Home and Community Life


1987        Alcyon Logan Fleck                                                 Home and Community Life

                 Joyce Wilson Hopp                                                 Work and Professional Life

                 Carmen Lopez de Morales                                       Church Life


1988        Barbara J. Blackston                                               Outstanding Achievement

                 Anita Cavagnaro Ford                                             Home and Community

                 Judy Harris Lovett                                                  Church Life

                 Blythe Owen                                                           Work and Professional Life


1990        "Nancy" Nongnuch Yudhasaraprasithi Bassham      Church Life, FED

                 Mercedes Pereda de Bernal                                     Professional Life, SAD

                 Virginia Osgood Clark                                              Church Life, TED

                 Virginia Rittenhouse Fagal                                        Professional Life, NAD

                 Ruthita Fike                                                             Professional Life, NAD

                 Twyla Reimche Gimbel                                             Professional Life, EAD

                 Chessie Walker Harris                                              Home Life, NAD

                 Rowena Rick                                                           Professional Life, FED

                 Iris Stahl Schantz                                                    Professional Life, TED

                 Arlene Taylor                                                          Church Life, NAD


1991        Hazel Budd Burns                                                    Church Life

                 Mary White Henderson                                            Home and Family

                 Lonna Tachenko Milburn                                          Outstanding Achievement

                 Lilya Vinglas Wagner                                                Work and Professional


1992        B. Lyn Behrens                                                       Professional Life

                 Ramona Perez Greek                                              Outstanding Achievement

                 Wilma Jones Hepker                                               Community Life

                 Elline Looper Holland                                               Home Life

                 Catherine B. "Kit" Watts                                          Church Life


1993        Nyla Juhl [Imler]                                                      Community Life

                 Nancy Eastman Marter                                            Church Life

                 Sheree Parris Nudd                                                  Professional Life

                 Cheryl Nystrom Stowers                                         Family Life

                 Lorna Clevenger Tobler                                           Outstanding Achievement


1994        Gayle McCoy Clark                                                   Family Life

                 Madelynn Jones Haldeman                                       Church Life

                 Frances "Penny" Gustafson Miller                              Professional Life

                 Carol Doe Porter                                                      Community Life

                 Karen Scott                                                             Outstanding Achievement

                 Penny Shell                                                              Pastor/Chaplain


1995        Linda L. Ammons                                                     Professional Life

                 Ellen Bresee                                                              Church Life

                 Janet Oteng Fordjour                                               Family Life

                 Anita Requeñez Moses                                              Community Life

                 Virginia-Gene Shankel Rittenhouse                            Outstanding Achievement

                 Hyveth Bent Williams                                                Church Life


1996        Hertha Ehlers                                                            Lifetime Achievement

                 Patricia Breedlove Habada                                         Lifetime Achievement

                 Erna Steinmann Krüger                                             Lifetime Achievement

                 Leona Glidden Running                                             Lifetime Achievement

                 Ottilie Frank Stafford                                                 Lifetime Achievement

                 Helen Ward Thompson [Zolber]                                Lifetime Achievement


1997        Adly Castrejon de Campos                                        Church Life

                 “Elsie” Check-Yan Leung Chan                                  Youth Life

                 Mable Anderson Dunbar                                            Family Life

                 Gertrude  Green                                                        Lifetime Achievement

                 Margaret "Peg" Hempe                                             Spiritual Leadership

                 Shirley Ann Munroe                                                   Professional Life

                 Helen Tarasenko Sprengel [Lutz]                               Lifetime Achievement

                 Laura Carlson Sundin                                                Community Life


1998        Maxine Blome                                                            Community Life

                 Dorothy Minchin Comm                                            Lifetime Achievement

                Charlotte Patterson Hamlin                                        President’s Award

                 Kay Humpal Kuzma                                                   Family Life

                 Kathryn Haycock Proffitt                                           Outstanding Achievement

                 Lang "Aileen" Van                                                      Spiritual Life

                 Brenda Blackmon Wood                                            Professional Life


1999        Jocelyn Fay                                                               Church Life

                 Thesba Yeaton Johnston                                           Lifetime Achievement

                 Arlene West McFarland                                              Community Life

                 Carolina Castillo Rose                                                 Professional Life

                 Beulah F. Stevens                                                      Spiritual Life

                 Phyllis M. Ware                                                          Outstanding Achievement

                 Elisabeth Appleton Wear                                            Family Life


2000        Elaine Estes Drury                                                      Family Life

                 Karen Christoffel Flowers                                            Church Life

                 Effie Jean Potts Ketting                                              Lifetime Achievement

                 Rebekah Wang Cheng [Scriven]                               Outstanding Achievement

                 Dorothy Ellen Valcarcel                                              Community Life

                 Penny Estes Wheeler                                                 Professional Life

                 Miriam Brown Wood                                                   Lifetime Achievement


2001        Joan McCallister Bova                                                 Church Life

                 T. Grace Emori                                                           Outstanding Achievement

                 Gwendolyn Winston Foster                                        Community Life

                 Donna  Lugenbeal Habenicht                                     Family Life

                 Betty Hogan Howard                                                 Lifetime Achievement

                 Gladys Jeremiah                                                         Spiritual Life

                 Merlene Ann Ogden                                                   Professional Life

                 Minnie Iverson Wood                                                 Lifetime Achievement


2002        Marla Osborne Anderson                                            Outstanding Achievement

                 C. Joan Coggin                                                          Lifetime Achievement

                 Cari M. Dominguez                                                     Outstanding Achievement

                 Donna Rubano Galluzzo                                             Professional Life

                 Annetta M. Gibson                                                     Professional Life

                 Verla Michel Kwiram                                                    Church Life

                 JoAline Gruzensky Olson                                            Community Life

                 Felicia LeVere Phillips                                                   Spiritual Leadership

                 Margit Linnea Süring                                                  Lifetime Achievement

                 "Lily" Hok Neo Wong                                                 Family Life

                 F Lyn Mallery                                                             Champion of Justice


2003        Josephine Griffin Benton                                             Lifetime Achievement

                 Patricia Jo Gustin                                                        Outstanding Achievement

                 Norwida  Marshall                                                        Professional Life

                 Alberta Bernhard Mazat                                              Family Life

                 Beatrice Short Neall                                                    Spiritual Leadership

                 Rose Niesen Otis                                                         Church Life

                 Kathlyn Waldrip Severance                                         Community Life

                 Irma Bachmann Vyhmeister                                        Lifetime Achievement

                 Mae Crocker Watson                                                  Youth Life

                 Warren Banfield                                                          Champion of Justice

                 Lawrence T Geraty                                                     Champion of Justice


2004        Georgia Knight Carter                                                  Church Life

                 Lynette M. Carrington Cox                                          Spiritual Leadership

                 Patricia Clark Foster                                                     Distinguished Service

                 Jasmine Fernando Jacob                                             Outstanding Achievement

                 Andrea Luxton                                                            Professional Life

                 Marilyn Kueffner Savedra                                             Lifetime Achievement

                 Rhonda Whitney                                                         Community Life


2005        Jeanette "Ginn" Hartley Fourie                                     Spiritual Leadership

                 Esther Díaz de Guerrero                                               Church Life

                 Helen Margaret Hall                                                      Outstanding Achievement

                 Alice Achieng Owuocha Ouma                                      Community Life

                 Ardis Dick Stenbakken                                                  Distinguished Service

                 Siriporn Tantipoonwinai                                                Professional Life

                 Charles T Bradford                                                       Champion of Justice


2006        Phetsile Kholekile Dlamini-Nkomo                                 Distinguished Service

                 Eugenia Lopez-Sustache Giordano                              Professional Life

                 Aune Ainsalo Greggas                                                 Church Life

                 Paula Appley Leen                                                       Lifetime Achievement

                 Merikay McLeod                                                          Outstanding Achievement

                 Zhu Ai Zhen                                                                Spiritual Leadership

                 Zhu Qing Yan "Linda"                                                 Community Service

                 Arthur Rudy Torres                                                    Champion of Justice


2007        Joy-Marie Ford Butler                                                  Outstanding Church Leadership

                 Karen Hanson Kotoske                                                Philanthropic Excellence

                 Rigmor Mari-Anne Nyberg                                           Humanitarian Excellence

                 Qin Zheng Yi "Zhang Zhu"                                          Outstanding Achievement

                 Nancy Weber Vyhmeister                                           Professional Distinction

                 Dorothy Eaton Watts                                                 Entrepreneurial Church Leadership

                 Jan Paulsen                                                                Champion of Justice


2008        Mary Ang’awa                                                             Distinguished Service

                 Sally Shadel Hasselbrack                                              Outstanding Achievement

                 Cheryl Roberts Saunders                                            Professional Life

                 Gabriele Stangl                                                            Community Life


2009        Audray Moorhouse Johnson                                       Outstanding Church Leadership

                 Mary Whipple                                                             Outstanding Achievement


2010        Ella Louise Smith Simmons                                          Outstanding Church Leadership

                 Don Roth                                                                   Champion of Justice


2011        Myrna Costa Casado                                                   Professional Life

                 Bonnie Wharton Dwyer                                               Outstanding Achievement


2012        Cynthia J. Prime                                                          Outstanding Achievement


2013        Christine P. Crosby                                                      Lifetime Achievement

                 Judith Lloyd Storfjell                                                    Outstanding Achievement


2014        Frederica Harris                                                            Community Life

                 Sandra Roberts                                                            Spiritual Leadership     


2016        Carolyn Slepnikoff Lacy                                               Distinguished Service

                 Iris Landa                                                                    Community Life

                 Adeny Schmidt                                                            Professional Life

                 Fritz Guy                                                                     Champion of Justice

                 Randal Wisbey                                                            Champion of Justice    


2018        Durdica Garvanovic Porobija                                       Youth Life


2019        Carole Ferch-Johnson                                                 Outstanding Achievement
                 Linda Mendez                                                              Youth Life
                 Chris Oberg                                                                 Spiritual Leadership
                 Corene Stennis                                                            Community Life

                 Dan Jackson                                                               Champion of Justice

2020        Dynnette Elaine Hart                                                    Community Life

                 Nyslie Guerrier                                                              Community Life

                 Juana Dina Salas Montoya                                            Spiritual Leadership

                 Hilde Thorkildsen Huru                                                  Spiritual Leadership

                 Ginger Hanks Harwood                                                 Outstanding Achievement

                 Ricardo Graham                                                           Champion of Justice

                 Dave Weigley                                                               Champion of Justice