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In addition to numerous recommendations and the monitoring of those, AAW publishes commendations of entities that place women in leadership roles (e.g., the GC for establishing women’s ministries throughout the world field and having a full-time woman in charge, the NAD for electing a woman as vice president and another as associate director of the ministerial association, the Finnish Union for electing a woman as secretary of the SDA church in Finland and re-electing a woman as treasurer) and vote policy changes that grant equity to women (e. g., Southeastern California Conference which has a common credential for women and men pastors).

Besides its activities as an association, AAW has spawned several separate entities. Time for Equality in Adventist Ministry, chaired by Pat Habada, advocates the ordination of women to pastoral ministry and helps SDA women throughout the world attend SDA seminaries by providing scholarships. At last count, 67 women (14 of the total enrollment) were on campus at the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University. Other women theology students are attending SDA seminaries outside the United States. Scholarships distributed each year total about $25,000.

AAW also spawned the Adventist Women’s Coalition, whose mission is affirmative action for SDA women both in relation to the church structure and in relation to the law of the land. Through correspondence and personal contacts this organization, under the direction of Rosemary Watts, recognizes the steps the church is making in relation to equity for women and urges continued efforts.

Another group begun via AAW is a committee on abuse, chaired by Peggy Harris. This committee has as its goals (1) to cultivate a healing environment in the family, church, and church-related workplaces to restore both the victims and perpetrators of sexual, spiritual, physical and emotional abuse; (2) to safeguard our children from being subjected to abuse in home, school, church, and youth activities; and (3) to educate church members and leaders to help stop harassment and abuse. (Further information at Peggy helped organize the sexual ethics committee of the NAD, which produced the NAD abuse policy, Sexual Misconduct in Church Relationships.

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